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10 September 2016 @ 09:35 pm

(link for now, because Photobucket's being mean.)

I consider myself at the very least a decent person--amusing, if nothing else--and an extremely loyal friend.  If you're in, you're in for life, pretty much, but that means I'm careful about who I let in.  If you wish to befriend me, kindly comment this post letting me know where you know me from, and I'll consider your request. Thanks!
23 April 2014 @ 11:43 pm
When I transferred these, I accidentally (I have NO earthly idea HOW) deleted several of the texture sources (oddly, it only deleted the USERS.  WTH?).  Sometime in the next few days, I will go back and add those whose names I have attached to the textures themselves, but they won't be links, because, for whatever reason, when I try to make usernames clickable, they wind up disappearing.  Others I will add as I come across them again.  I apologize for this, and if any of those I accidentally left out see their textures and alert me here, that would be greatly appreciated.  And I'll, of course, take this as a sign to record my resources in a document on my computer as a backup.

Textures (lj users/comms):
texture listCollapse )texture listCollapse )texture listCollapse )

wrestling_pics , knockout_divas , www.wwe.com, www.ardentash.org, www.cherry-web.org, k-waters.org (Katarina Waters=Katie Lea), maria-kanellis.org, www.mariakanellis. net, various Superstar Twitter accounts
other (bands, celebs): www.buzznet.com, www.mychemicalromance.com, various Twitter accounts (musicians' and celebs)
(Honestly, some of the photos I have are from my old computer, wayyy before I started even THINKING about making graphics, so I must admit I don't know where they all came from, but, unless noted, none of the original images are mine.  If you see an image you recognize as yours, let me know.  Also, if you see an icon and want the original, let me know, and I'll dig it up for you, complete with link if I can find it.)
20 March 2013 @ 09:46 pm
So before I succumb to full-on concert depression, I want to recount the tale of the best night (to date) of my life: the night I met Set It Off, who are absolutely, most certainly, the sweetest group of band dudes in existence.

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It was the last five-or-so minutes before they were gone that are my favorite moments of the night (aside from the first Austin hug, maybe):

Dan walked right over to us and gave us each a hug.  And everyone followed.  We even got to hug Andrew.  I was like, "Oh, awesome, more hugging?  This is great!  ALL OF THE HUGS!"  and Cody laughed and repeated "All of the hugs!"  It felt completely natural, like hugging good friends goodbye after a night spent hanging out.  Not at all like we'd just met--a couple of them not even an hour before.  Hugging us goodbye was just the logical thing for them to do.  I will always, always, always treasure those last hugs and those wishes for safe travels.

They walked back to the van, and we waved and leaned against the railing again.  I wondered vaguely what they were waiting for.

We heard the door, then feet, and I turned just in time to see a figure sail over the railing.

"Bye, guys!"

It was Cody.

A few moments later, the van pulled away, and I wondered aloud if we should wave.  As they drove by, it was apparent the answer was yes.  Because they were waving to US.

That night was everything I knew it would be and more.  I knew they were sweethearts, but I didn't expect to feel SO at-ease with them.  I didn't expect to feel so...loved by these people I'd never met.  I hadn't expected so many hugs.  Especially those last ones.  Remembering them makes me tear up a little, because those were by far the most special.

And we get to see them again next month.  I don't know if they'll remember us.  But they've already surpassed my expectations of them (HOW ARE THEY REAL?!?!?!), so I'm not ruling it out.

If they remember me I'm pretty sure I might cry.
20 October 2010 @ 06:15 pm
For divas_icontest  abc challenge!

Also, I feel it necessary to note that my submission for "Womanly" is 100% satire, as I could not possibly think of any other way I could tackle the category.  After thinking long and hard about the issue, it's probably best I just leave it at that.


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I know something weird's up with the formatting, but I really lack the energy to try to fix it right now.  I'm practically falling asleep in my chair...

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10 September 2010 @ 08:02 pm
Mikey's 30 today.  It seems like forever ago I first saw his nerdy face and thought it adorable, since I decided he was my "favorite."  They grow up so fast.  *tear*
I'm still sort of sad my siblings didn't come over so I could make cupcakes and not worry about not having anyone to eat them.  However, I did sort of dress up and listen to MCR all day.  I also drank lots of Coke Zero, but what else is new?
AnyWay (bad pun?  Thought so), I made a graphic!  Click to view full-size!  : D

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06 September 2010 @ 06:07 pm
[001-011] Ashley Massaro
[012-021] Ashley Valence
[022-023] Beth
[024-026] Jillian
[027] Layla
[028-034] Maria
[035-043] Nattie
[044-052] Nikki Bella
[053-096] Tiffany
[097-098] Trish
[099-115] Various Divas in pairs or groups
[116-120] My Chemical Romance--icons from their website

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17 August 2010 @ 12:18 pm
So, it's been months since I've made an icon post, and that is just sad.  I'm off quite a bit the next few days, so there'll be another post sometime soon.  : )

[001-016] Ashley Massaro (Smallville still, various shoots)
[017-019] The Bella Twins
[020-029] Beth Phoenix
[030-031] Cherry
[032-033] Daffney
[034-054] Eve (most from the blue ring gear shoot)
[055] Gail Kim
[056-058] Ivory
[059-086] Jillian (most from the turquoise dress shoot)
[087-106] Katie Lea (most from her second-to-last WWE shoot--the one with the red leopard print outift)
[107-109] Layla
[110-111] Lita
[112-134] Maria
[135-138] Melina
[139-140] Mickie James
[141-144] Miss Elizabeth
[145-178] Nattie (including the ladder shoot)
[179-181] Rosa


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30 June 2010 @ 10:12 pm
(I feel like I shouldn't have to explain that the title is meant platonically, but just in case, it is.  Just because I let myself get close to people to the point that they can hurt me like this does not mean I am romantically in love with them.  And if you don't believe me, well, I just don't give a shit.  And this is public because, you know what?  I have nothing to hide here.  Comments by non-friends, however, are screened to save those with less of a life than me embarrassment of being publicly exposed as not worth the energy required to reply.)

I don't miss you.
I mean that.
I miss when we used to laugh about stupid and mundane and random things.  I miss when you were the one person I wanted to talk to when something, someone, or the world in general had me down.  I miss when, after an exhausting day, I would turn my computer on, letting it boot up while I took a shower, or put my laundry in the washer, or changed into pajamas, and when I finally logged on, there was an IM from you, reading simply, "TWINNY!", and just knowing that someone cared about me made me feel better.  I miss cheering you up when work or your family or life made you cranky or sad or just plain tired.  I miss talking to you as we watched wrestling, berating the wrestlers and announcers and the company in general.
I miss the person I knew, the person who I would never have thought would have ever shunned me for so long over something so stupid I still don't really know exactly what it even was.  The person who would have shown some sort of remorse, who wouldn't have expected me to lower myself and beg for forgiveness as though I was the only one at fault.
I have some stupid anonymous person assailing me on formspring, acting as though missing my twinny is a crime.  It's not.  I know it's not, and people can try to tell me it's wrong, but there might not ever be a time when I won't at least miss her occasionally, and I will never believe that makes me a bad person.
I miss her, and I've grown to accept that, because what use is it trying to forget her? 
I miss my twinny.
But I don't miss you.

So, you didn't, but I do have the guts to say: I don't love you like I loved you yesterday.
And I no longer care if you never love me again.

...And no, I do not give a shit whether or not you think it's lame I quoted MCR.  They're my favorite band for a reason, people.  And it's not just because they're attractive men.  Their songs (in general) mean something.
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29 June 2010 @ 06:46 pm
Music meme, lovingly hijacked from rory_tutorgirl  .

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